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Changes by the OMMU to Patients Orders

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

On August 29, 2022 the OMMU implemented Emergency Rule 64ER22-8, Dosing and Supply Limits for Medical Marijuana. This emergency rule determines the daily dose amounts and supply limits for approved routes of administration of marijuana (excluding low-THC cannabis).

The limits are as follows:

Route of Administration

Daily Dose Amount

70-Day Supply Limit*


60 mg THC

4,200 mg THC

Inhalation (e.g., vaporization)

350 mg THC

24,500 mg THC

Oral (e.g., capsules, tinctures)

200 mg THC

14,000 mg THC

Sublingual (e.g., sublingual tinctures)

190 mg THC

13,300 mg THC


195 mg THC

13,650 mg THC

Topical (e.g., creams)

150 mg THC

10,500 mg THC

Marijuana in a form for smoking

2.025 grams

N/A (Flower is every 35 days)

*An aggregate (total) 70-day supply limit of marijuana, other than marijuana in a form for smoking, shall not exceed 24,500 mg of THC.

Yes there will be exceptions allowed to be made but here is what you need to know about that!

  1. All orders before August 29th already in the registry will stay the same UNLESS the physician alters/edits the orders then the orders must follow the NEW guidelines.

  2. There is exception forms that can be submitted by the physician but this means the orders will be edited, making them follow the new guidelines until the state approves the request!

  3. The approval process for any exception form is up to 14 calendar days!

  4. Not every patient qualifies for the exception form

  5. Even if an exception form is filed, that does not mean the state will approve it!

  6. To request for an exception, click the request button

Lastly, the other major change that comes along with this is ALL routes will now be on a rolling calendar, meaning it will be just like flower is. if you purchase a product that allotted amount of mgs will not be made available until 71 days later. even if you have new or active orders!

If you would like to read more please visit the OMMU page

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