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Services Offered


Senior Citizen

New Patient

A new patient would be any adult who has NEVER been seen by Trichom Health Center



$75 state fee not included

Quirky Redhead

Follow Up

A Follow up patient would be ANY patient seen by Trichom Health Center in the past. We offer INOFFICE & TELEMEDICINE



$75 state fee not included



A pediatric patient would be any person under the age of 18.

Please call the office if wanting to schedule a pediatric appointment.



$75 state fee not included


ALF/Nursing Home

Trichom will come to the ALF or Nursing Home to certify any patient as long as they are allowed into the facility. Call today and let us answer any questions you might have.



$75 state fee not included


Home and/or Hospice Visit

At Trichom, we understand there are many illnesses that can make it hard to leave home. We will come to you to help get you certified.​ Call today and let us answer any questions you might have



$75 state fee not included


Payment Plan

Money is tight and Medical Cannabis is not covered by insurance at this time so we wanted to ensure EVERYONE had access to getting certified.



for 6 months

$75 state fee not included

Discounts Available



50% off

Any person that works in the Florida Cannabis Industry and has proper documentation.

Coupon Code: dispensary working for


10% off

Any Patient over the age of 55 years old. (Now we know that 55 is not a senior but hey you get a discount)

Coupon Code: senior

Patients on Social Security or Disability

15% off

Patient must provide documentation showing they are receiving these benefits 

Coupon Code: SSID



Any veteran and/or active military with proper documentation.

Coupon Code: Veteran

Spouse of a 


10% off

Any person married to a  active or retired military personnel

& can show documentation

Coupon Code: spouse


with PTSD 

50% off

Any veteran that has documentation showing the PTSD diagnosis will receive 50% 0ff the normal $155

Coupon Code: PTSD

Widow of a 


50% off

The spouse of a military personnel that has passed

Coupon Code: widow

Vape/CBD store Employees

10% off

Any person that works in a vape shop or CBD store and has proper documentation.

Coupon Code: vape

First Responder

10% off

Any person that works as a first responder 

Coupon Code: first

Discounts can be applied by using the coupon code upon booking or by calling and booking an appointment.
If a coupon code is used proper documentation must be provided at the time of appointment. If proof is not provided, the discount will be removed and the patient will be expected to pay remaining balance or will be unable to be seen.

As Always Check Back for Special Discounts Throughout the Year!

100% Money Back

If the Physician decides the patient does not qualify.


Any Questions: Please call 844-482-6263 or email us at

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