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Alisha was born and raised in Pinellas Park. She is married and the mother of 2 “krazy” gingers! After working in pediatrics for many years, Alisha went to St. Pete College and received 2 degrees in Healthcare management. Following her battle with Cancer not once but twice, Alisha decided to focus her career solely in the medical marijuana field. Since working in the industry and seeing such a need for an office that focuses more on education and patient advocacy, she decided to Open Trichom Health Center. Her main goal is to not only educate but help patients that really do need the help.


Alisha Kelley


Brandy is a St. Pete native who relocated to Pinellas Park. She is married and the mother of 5 children. After health complications causing the death of her first 2 children, Brandy became an advocate for PTSD patients. She has worked in the Medical Field her whole career and joined forces with Alisha 2 years ago. Since then she has worked for Alisha at 2 other offices and it was only natural, she came over to be Alisha Right-Hand Woman for Trichom but also the Co-Owner of The Huana Collection which she runs with Alisha.

Creative Director & Co-Owner of The Huana Collection

Brandy Winters

Crystal, who is originally from Clearwater moved to Pinellas Park over a decade ago. She is the mother of her “mini me”. After being in the medical field for many years and trying to help patients, she decided to change gears and enter the industry. Crystal is very involved in the community and is constantly trying to better educate people. She also worked for Alisha at 2 other offices and when Trichom opened she gladly took the position as Office Manager.

Office Manger

Crystal Nipper

Dr. Springs grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived in Florida since 2010. She joined the Navy in 1991 and during that time graduated Medical School from University of Southern California and completed 2 residences in Pediatrics as well as Aerospace Medicine. In 2010 Julia left the military to focus on her next adventure as a new mom. As time passed, she realized as a veteran who suffers from PTSD, she was not getting the proper relief from the “typical” treatment being offered but was getting unwanted side effects. Not only has she made it her mission to be a great mother she still dedicates time to help patients live a more fulfilling life because she is not only a physician, but someone who has dealt with the struggles most patients deal with as well. Julia’s goal is to provide a confidential “stress free” medical encounter. Julia takes time to educate her patients and offers tailor made recommendations here at Trichom Health Center.

Medical Physician 

Julia Springs M.D. MPH

Dr. Griffin is a medical physician whose primary specialty used to focus on OB/GYN Care. She starting recommending medical marijuana a little less than a year ago when she started working for Trichom Health Center. 

Medical Physician 

Jennifer Griffin M.D.

In 1998, Dr. Tahiraj migrated from Albania to United States escaping the famine and social turmoil that followed the collapse of Communism, and surviving the developing Civil Unrest and the ruthless emerging Balkan Wars. His grandmother played a crucial role during the early upbringing. Being a chain smoker of tobacco and suffering from Emphysema and Lung cancer, she inspired him to become a doctor, and make it a life mission to seek alternative methods to combat tobacco related disease, and improve the quality of life for the ill and the injured.  Since the time of earning the degree of Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Tahiraj has diligently practiced Emergency Medicine and served faithfully the communities of North Mississippi, Central Alabama and Tampa Bay. Inspired by his patients and the most recent scientific data, Dr. Tahiraj has emerged as a leader into the innovative methods of tobacco harm reduction through Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and endorsement of Medical Marijuana. Dr. Tahiraj is not only a Emergency Medicine Physician and a Recommending Physician for Medical Marijuana but the poor man is also the only person working with Trichom that is not a women. 

Medical Physician 

Genti Tahiraj M.D.