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Changes Coming from the OMMU Registry

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Every patient received an email the last week of January talking about changes coming in March by the OMMU. Which had many patients worried this is going to be an issue for them personally or their orders. Basically, the OMMU is implementing a way for the Registry to track flower dispensation to ensure dispensaries are keeping in line with the statute.

First and foremost, any changes that are happening aren't scheduled to start until March and be in full affect until April.

Most patients don't use all of their 2.5oz of flower every 35days, meaning those patients really won't notice any changes BUT those that do use all their flower allotment might run into some issues. The best thing we can recommend is utilize the registry and the new "calculat0r" and "dispensation dashboard" to help keep track of your allotment.

Below will be a copy of the email and a few links to the OMMU and Statute in case anyone would want to read more about these changes.

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